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Well kids, here we are. 2013. Those who believed the (seemingly) numerous end-of-the-world prophecies are surprised we made it.

Not to sound cynical, but what’s the big deal about January 1 anyway? It’s just a lot of hype. It’s a way for gyms to up their membership (at least until February). It’s a day that people use as an impetus to start a new project–whatever that project may be–but how many of us actually continue pursuing our goals once the confetti has been swept away and the Christmas tree recycled or taken out to the woods. (I grew up in a rural area. We take the trees right back to where they came from.) I get the feeling that we’d all be a lot more committed to our “resolutions” if we started them on a day that means something to each of us. You know, everyone acts as if January 1 is their opportunity to have a clean slate, start over, make a lifestyle change, etc. It’s obvious to me that we have the opportunity to do so any day of the year, but I’ve never felt any different on January 1 than I did on December 31. I’ve always considered my birthday a far more important marker for beginnings. It’s my own personal New Year. And since my birthday coincides so closely to my anniversary of moving to New York City, it makes that week all the more pertinent to me.

That being said, the beginning of a new calendar year gives us a chance to look ahead. To save up for a vacation. To make note of things to watch out for as the year unfolds–art exhibits, new plays, summer blockbusters (I cannot wait for Man of Steel. Henry Cavill in Spandex. Yes.), seasonal food and drink, job opportunities (Actors pay close attention to their calendars. Each season brings about a different kind of auditioning.), etc.

Is there a point to any of these rambling thoughts?

I think today’s post can be best described as speculative. I don’t pretend to know when the best time to celebrate a “new year” is.

Maybe a year is too big a chunk to consider when thinking about resolutions and goals. Maybe it’s better to break things down a bit. What do I want to accomplish in 6 months? A fitness goal, perhaps. What do I want to accomplish by the end of this month? Sign with a manager, in my case and many of my acting colleagues. What do I want to accomplish by the end of this week? Purchase an organizational piece of furniture for my bedroom. What do I want to accomplish by the end of today? Posting to my blog. (Done!)

What do you consider your personal new year? What do you hope to accomplish by the next one?